I wasn't his fan. I was never his fan. I'm the fan of the guy who had a big fall-out with him.

    Yet the pain was so real that it's almost impossible to bear, especially in the first few hours.

    I guess the only good thing about this race being in Malaysia is that I could have hours between the race and bed time. If the race had been held in Europe, it might've become a sleepless night.

    I wasn't really watching my screen when it happened. But Gavin and Nick cried and I looked up only to see Colin and Vale out in the gravel. Then there was him, lying there, motionlessly.

    In that split of a second, part of me knew that the worst could happen. Because Colin was walking, obviously in pain though, Vale rode away, and he was just lying there on his face, on the track.

    But that was just for that one moment. I guess I just refused to think the worst could happen.

    So I chose to believe those tweets about him being conscious. And I was just forcing myself to think that nothing serious will happen to him, he will just be in bed for a couple of days or weeks, miss the VAL round and test, and come back next February, on that RC213V he just tested a few days ago, and being the pain in the ass for some other riders.

    I was waiting for the replay and I waited for a long time. That was another bad sign. Was it because the scene was too horrible to be replayed? Plus the mentioning of his helmet falling off on twitter which I failed to notice in the live feed of the accident, bad feelings rose again. But again, I forced it back, and kept telling myself that it wouldn't be THAT unfair to him.

    Then came the replay, and I saw Colin and Vale hit him. And of course once again, I convinced myself that everything was gonna be OK no matter how ugly it looked.

    Then came the cancellation of the race.


    When I first saw the subtitle I was hoping that my English would be in such a mess that I misunderstood the announcement. But Gavin and Nick tried so hard to finally squeeze out that the worst worst thing had happened.

    I guess I was calm enough to snap a picture and to post it in two places, though I was already crying.

    In those previous events with Peter Lenz, Shoya Tomizawa and Dan Wheldon, I was sad, and I wrote a few words, I read and watched tributes with tears in my eyes, and I knew I would remember them, especially Peter and Shoya, forever. But this time, I realized it was nothing. I couldn't really pay tribute to those guys because I didn't really follow their races. I thought I could at least summarize something this time because at least I followed him racing for 17 months.

    I was wrong.

    My hands were on the keyboard and nothing could be typed down.

    Those words I came up so easily before failed me this time. I mean, I knew about him, shouldn't I be saying something unique, something that was more HIM?!

    But all those things about him, about his characters, about his racing styles, about his season, about his career, shouldn't it be summarized more carefully?!

    I guess that was the feeling of speechless.

    All I could do was just posting pictures of him before the race, on the podium and stating the fact. Nothing more. Nothing more than RIP SuperSic.

    The idea of "It's him", "No more chance of seeing him" sank in slowly. Bit by bit, the loss seemed more and more real. This time it wasn't just a name, it wasn't just a tragedy for the motorsport world, it wasn't the change you can barely feel. This time, it was the tallest man in this class, it was the heaviest man in this class, it was the man with the hair you'll never fail to notice in the class photo, it was the man from the team with cute snack food as the title sponsor, it was the man who you saw crashed out when leading, it was the man who almost everybody was accusing in the paddock, it was the man who said "I will be arrest", it was the man who presented the breath taking battles in the most recent boring races.

    And that man, will never be in the paddock again.

    In May and June, when he kept crashing out of races, taking others with him or only ruining his own races, those journalists said he was a future star, a future champion, if he learned to manage his race to the chequered flag.

    And those were the words bouncing in my head over and over again that night, in the first few hours after the accident. A future star, a future champion. Yet that future had ended before it could even started.

    I was afraid I would see words like that, so at first I couldn't find the courage to read any of article about him.

    I'd rather see moments of his life he actually lived, not those shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    The next day was a clear day. The sun was so bright. But it just couldn't shine into my gloomy heart.

    I thought I could sleep it off, but it was more like a hangover. When I woke up, it didn't get any better, and I realized even if you shed tears silently, your throat would still hurt afterwards.

    Again, I wasn't his fan, but it already hurts so much. Every time I thought about that moment I saw the announcement, every time I thought about the paddock without him, every time I thought about that in less than two weeks' time the show will go on without him, my heart ached. If it was already so hard for me to deal with this tragedy, what about his fans, what about the people who have been following his race since the 250s or 125s, what about the people in the paddock, what about the people in his teams, what about his family. I can only imagine it to be ten times, hundreds of times more.

    What's ironic is that it was his family who took the hit the hardest way that cheered the others up. What his parents and girlfriend said actually gave me the strength to face it positively, to realize it's time to celebrate his life which he lived so fully and passionately and not to mourn his death, at least not in the sad way.

    This is the first time for me to lose someone who I once had so many vivid memories of. And it happened so fast, it happened right in front of my eyes. All those talks about motorsport being dangerous were not something I wasn't familiar with. But those talks never made sense the way it does right now. People in the paddock and their relatives have been around this sport long enough to know exactly what kind of risks they're taking and how to handle the situation. For me, I hate to learn this because I don't want to face it anymore, but I'll have to.

    For he would've wanted everyone to move on and to keep enjoy motorsport.

    He was colorful, vibrant, and full of life, they said.

    He kept the throttle wide open until the very end, they said

    His bike may be missing from the grid, but his spirit races on, they said.

    It's been 97 hours, but it seemed like a very long time. Too many things happened, and too many changes happened in my mindset. I'd rather believe I became stronger in some ways.

    He will be buried tonight (afternoon in Europe) with his friends and family around him, and tens and thousands of fans watching. But I'm sure, he will live on forever as the rider who made the paddock a better place in our heart, and he will be at every circuit with his fellow riders and us, motorsport fans.

  • 麻豆妹子她还健在啊~~~~






    Dani Pedrosa 向我们展示了他最平凡的一面。这个伤痕累累的“铁人”在参加了自由练习和排位后最终决定退出澳大利亚站的比赛。今年他一直在和 Lorenzo 争夺总冠军,直到锁骨受伤。他在 10 1 日的自由练习中摔车受伤,本站复出参加了两节自由练习,但最终还是没有为了几个积分去冒险。

    10 31 日的 Estoril 11 7 日的 Valencia 他将真正伤愈复出。他的目标是再次找回自己的状态,为本田研发做准备,并且备战明年和 Rossi Lorenzo 以及 Stoner 的竞争。更深入的了解 Dani ,你就知道他是一个谦逊的人,从不傲慢自负。虽然有对他的批评之声,但是他有能力获得冠军。他相信一个温和的人也可以成为冠军


    为了这一点积分要冒的风险太大了,我的身体情况可能坚持不了整场比赛。所以在 Estoril Valencia 以更好的状态回归是合适的

    你本来在争夺冠军的行列,今年你获得了四场比赛的胜利,但是在日本的事故让你不能继续战斗下去。如果没有受伤, Lorenzo 的夺冠之路将会艰难很多。















    要赢得总冠军是很难的。我每场比赛都已经拼尽了全力,因为我希望获胜,今年我赢了四场比赛。我讨厌因为一些事情或者一些错误导致周日比赛不利,我希望参加周日的比赛并且获得胜利。为了我身边的人,我也希望获得成功,为了我的团队,我的粉丝,我的家人,以及本田车队,那些和我面对同样的问题承受同样的压力同样需要走出低谷的人们(——就嘉叔嘛= =)。获得胜利可以为我们带来满足感,而今年我们做到了,我们在享受胜利



    当然。有的时候我也会心情不好,我们必须找到平衡点。人无完人,谁都会遇到问题。我其实还挺宅的,不过如果有什么要庆祝的,或者有盆友一起,我也会出去玩。人要学会享受生活嘛。不过不能纵欲 过度,每天要保证睡眠,适度享受生活







    恩,我有一些老盆友,我有很多关系很好的老盆友,但是最亲近的还是当年学校里的同学Xavi, Xistu, Jordi(西劈不要太多!)。




    - 你喜欢的演员是谁?
    Denzel Washington
    你喜欢80年代的音乐对吧?尤其喜欢 Dire Straits?
    "Leo, but not both.   Especially I prefer biographies.
    - Do you see their careers in video, win or lose?
    "Whenever I see the race.   For work and pleasure.   If I win, the better.   If I did not win I have to watch what I did wrong.   But look again.   I like to recreate.
    "Man, if you make a good overtaking ...
    "I look, but do not break me, you know?   Once is enough.
    Tomizawa, died on the track.   Does that make you think sometime in the deadly danger of their work?   Fonsi said that nobody puts a gun to his neck.
    - Do you know what I do?   I try not to think.   Because if not, do not live. Nor would you go by car, you do not know if it will come a guy in the face ...
    - Do you have friends on the dole?   "Suffer for your situation?
    "Yes.   First, because they are friends.   The second thing is you want help and it is difficult.   When I see them struggling I also look for me and see how it goes for me the thing and is a hallmark that I feel uncomfortable.   Obviously I've earned, but they are my friends.   Try to help.
    "You will say to himself: I do not have envy.
    "The real friends do not have envy.
    "When you hear there is violence, that people kill each other, what do you think?
    "It's ugly.   We are not animals.   We must try to control himself, even if an extreme situation.   Look, the biggest problem on the planet is living together.   Nobody is born knowing.   That comes first.   It is very difficult to find the person you live with.   But we are people, you have to control themselves.   And we are here to enjoy life.
    - In his travels still hear clichés about Spain?   Do we get closer to European uniformity or not?
    "Spain is a beautiful country.   A nation that is a very good culture.   Both the historical and social as gastronomy.   We have a sea great, a stunning coastline, an interior ...   everything.   That has attracted for many years-decades-to the English, Germans, people from all over the world come to see Spain.   I get the feeling that we tried to join in the European style, but we must remember what our origins and that the bottom is what people like coming to our country.
    - Doohan was your idol?.
    "Yes, when I began to see the bikes on television was in the late eighties and early nineties, they call the golden era of 500cc, and I really enjoyed this stage, all those those styles, those pilots.   I noticed particularly Doohan, but those pilots were amazing.
    "What is life.   They say the Movistar Cup was the last test that you and I had selected.   Now is a leader in motorcycling.
    "I'll say one thing: the cup MoviStar was the only test that I applied.   It was the only chance I had no money for anything else.   And put the gears did not know, because previously only had minibikes.   It was toss the coin in the machine and get out the award.
    -Alberto Puig said that you were not the fastest, but he saw something he will select.   What?
    "All I said was, you were not the fastest, have not been braking later, but for what little you were, for the first time you ride a big bike, for the first time rodabas in a circuit, you knew where he had to go, how he had to take the bike and know how to do things.   That many people do not know.
    "His development was rapid.   Three world titles around him.
    "Yes, the course was very fast.   Very good.   They have many dreams come true.   Is what we feel at home.
    "After his hat-trick of crowns, in 2006 he became the leader of a MotoGP team, none other than Honda.   How did it feel?   Was too much responsibility for a child so young?
    "At first I thought not.   Just up the bike, felt and explained my feelings to the technicians.   I always trusted my feelings on a bike and I knew I needed to go fast.   That much I learned during the years 125 and 250. Ascended to MotoGP in 2006 and was past two years when I began to realize the responsibility I had.
    - Who is the driver you most like?
    - There were better at different times.   Both Rossi and old as Hailwood, Agostini and Nieto great champions have proved exceptional.   And in the 90 flashed Doohan, Rainey, Lawson.   These are people who said, that just happened.
    "In those days, and Agostini Nieto ran two races in a row at half time and winning margin.
    "It was amazing.   You must have a quality above the rest to get it.
    - Did your parents always supported him in pursuing his dream or ever told enough is enough?
    "My parents always supported me.   They were there from the start. Before running professionally was the hardest moment.   My father was a carpenter and had to do a lot of overtime, work weekends without stopping and did not see him for many days.   When ran in minimotos always had to ask party and then had to make up the days.   It was a tough season for him, and also for my mother.   Then came the professional stage and everything improved.   Sure they are very pleased with the decision they made.   But more importantly, to me, between ten and thirteen, I supported the death penalty.   That shows the kind of parents I have.
    - Did you leave school?
    "Yes, I had to leave at age 17.
    "Now, his brother Eric is facing a similar situation to yours: want to be a cyclist.   What do you advise?
    "I told him that if he wants to be a cyclist has to bet on it.   I did in his day.   Then you can do better or worse, but if your dream is to go for it, without repentance.   You should go for broke.   belief and confidence.
    "Many fans mourned his injury in Japan on 1 November.   I was pushing hard to Lorenzo.   The people love him.   Considered the exemplary athlete.   A good person who competes.
    "People feel close to me for those things, yes.   In Zaragoza, for example, before the Grand Prix de Aragón, signed autographs for the audience and saw people like me.   Both children, as young people, such as the elderly.   Yes, tell me who support me because I am balanced, because I do not say anything against anyone.   It's nice to feel wanted.
    "Especially the little ones are" Peters "pure.
    "I look little like them (laughs), and like it or not, when you make those points of connection with the kids get along with them.   I've always had a special relationship with the young like me.
    "You're the rider requested by the kids who are hospitalized. For nothing.   Pass a very hard time seeing them serious illness and know that you are his idol.
    "Yes, very much.   At the time of seeing sick children have to endure and can not show those feelings so deep.   When you see him, the boy you feel so excited ...   Do you think that child is very strong.   I spread his enthusiasm.   Enjoy with your presence.   It is he who moves his energy and you forget everything else.   Then, things will cost them up.   The important thing for these kids to enjoy the moment.
    -Nadal, Gasol, Alonso, Lorenzo and you.   How does it feel to belong to the elite of the men who have risen to glory Spanish sport?
    "I'm very lucky.   It is as good a time for Spain in the many sports that I think this season will be remembered forever as the golden age of Spain. It's incredible.   And your name is there is something I never would have imagined!.
    "I believe similar to Nadal: polite, restrained.   Have you picked up things from them?
    "All I know is that everyone has their own style, each has its own character.   I have learned from many.   I identify more with some than with others as a matter of character, but I think your partner.   The relationship I have with them is that desire, by that passion to succeed, for the struggle of every day.   We share the feeling and inner strength that each one.   When you see Rafa gets a set and see the guy fight, you can imagine pretty close to what you are feeling.
    "A human test speed.   "Current Mood?
    - What do you hate most other people?
    "The hypocrisy.
    - Main feature of his character?
    - A defect that can not master?
    - Ideal for happiness?
    - Do you trade for?
    "For anyone.
    - Do you admire someone?
    "To my parents.
  • 2010-10-12

    存档 - [郊区好空气]

    就么时间看新闻啊所以就寸个档罢= =








  • 大妮受伤缺席比赛神马的啊99夺冠神马的啊,让太后意识到了一个严重的问题啊,太后马上又要走上一条不归路啊,完全错误的一条道路啊







    但是现在有点out of control了啊啊啊啊





    不过看比赛的热情太后还是很有的很有的很有的说明太后还是很有希望的一闷棍应该就够了= =





    然后这站又是这样啊太后本来在好好的忍的结果在推上看到“@ellen_briggs: I wish Dani Pedrosa was at this race. That Honda looks good & he would've ridden the little wheels off it! ”就彻底不能忍了但是还是不好意思大庭广众下说出丢人的话于是就默默戳了嘉姨


    以及赛后太后觉得看99拿冠军也不是太开心啊反而看到“@ellen_briggs: I think the message here is "You may be the new World Champion but I will always be Valentino Rossi". ”这种推的时候就莫名咧嘴了真是想抽自己啊你是来看JQ看拉小手看屁屁的啊你醒一醒啊!!

    下站当成看Phillip Island风光片好吗神马伤愈复出之类的少说两句好吗好吗好吗?!

  • 太后已经无力吐槽了

    tve全体下身溃烂而死= =









    tve是第一个发消息的,引用的大妮的话是"En principio, las posibilidades de que corra en Malasia son muy bajas. Sería precipitado. La evolución de mi clavícula va bien, pero ahora mi prioridad es Australia",标题就是目前以澳洲为重(但是!这群son of a bitch竟然他奶奶的re-written了自己的新闻于是太后现在想截图为证都他妈做不到了真是他妈的和板牙媒体斗争经验太不足了太不足了太不足了太不足了太不足了太不足了太不足了太不足了!!!!)

    太后看到这些话欢天喜地地就去织了围脖刷了推更了HC然后又欢天喜地地投入了Hotel Babylon的怀抱






    并且一来二去的,太后也觉得,或许那个slight/small/slim chance,真的不是没可能

    就急需阅读训练word by word推敲大妮的采访啊潜台词到底是神马啊!

    太后是觉得你丫胳膊动都动不了都周三晚上了人还在板牙你丫赛个屁啊theoretically impossible啊!



    [叉腰]这一次老娘知道截图了老娘不会再被你们这群son of a bitch耍着玩了 [/叉腰]



    晓强 说 (22:17):
    Dani Pedrosa: "Mi prioridad es Australia"

    RTVE - hace 2 horas
    晓强 说 (22:17):
    晓强 说 (22:17):
    晓强 说 (22:17):
    晓强 说 (22:18):
    晓强 说 (22:18):
    但是这个的链接打开已经跳到了Todo indica que Dani Pedrosa viajará a Malasia

    RTVE - hace 24 minutos
    王木木 说 (22:18):



    tve你们是在YY么 是在YY么 是在YY么 是在YY么 是在YY么 是在YY么?!


    回家又砸吧砸吧味道spice it up又来一稿是么?




    不过好在发深井冰的只有tve。。。其他还基本stick to大马很小可能的说法


    就别明天一睁眼看到Dani Pedrosa arrives at KL这种新闻= =


    ================除了凌乱还是凌乱 ================



  • 坊间盛传(但是有些群众恶意隐瞒坊间的来源导致太后始终没有亲见原文链接太后甚苦逼)大妮的车的故障是装的时候就么装好是机械师的错误

    机械师的错误 机械师的错误 机械师的错误 机械师的错误







    A. 在Indy大妮抱了Johnny没抱你

    B. 大妮这个小三夹在你和Johnny蜀黍之间很碍事


    于是你就不小心 搞错了一个神马大妮应声倒地锁骨应声断成四截于是一个周末两个周末三个周末你都可以和Johnny蜀黍神仙快活了是不是啊?茂木风景可美啊?下站连赛道都不用去了,就群岛神马的旅游一下美不美啊?再下站Phillip Island就更美了啊二人世界神马的老合适了~再之后本来就歇一个周末您二位是不是娃子都要生出来了啊?


  • 其实就是存个档,方便和Repsol Honda Team这种没人性的team进行持久战= =

    Johnny蜀黍,parc ferme站在大妮车后面,抱大妮神马的,之前是不知道了,indy和misano大妮都是先和Johnny蜀黍抱抱的。。。

    Johnny蜀黍是大妮的Wheel Mechanic,来自英国北部,距曼彻斯特一小时车程,曾经居住在板牙和大梨,07年的时候还开车队的拖车

    Johnny蜀黍真相:2007 Laguna Seca



    2007 Sepang

    每次在 parc ferme还会有另一位叔,站在大妮的车车前面

    这位叔:2010 Indy


    这位叔:2007 Motegi

    这位蜀黍你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁 你到底是谁啊T_T






    ==============这件事情本不该如此的TAT ==============


    大妮摔车这件事竟然turn out to be太后现在欢欣鼓舞的来更新以上战斗檄文太后真的错了









    The Dani Pedrosa own team consists of:

    Team Leader Dani Pedrosa,  Alberto Puig.   Spanish.   Former grand prix driver with Honda in the 500cc class, which finished fifth
    World Cup in 1994 and won the Grand Prix of Spain in 1995.   He also participated in the 250cc World Championship.   several years, with his best result a sixth place overall.   Currently cares for all those details in the daily life of Dani Pedrosa in the circuits

    Crew Chief:  Mike Leitner.   Austria.   Fifth year with the Repsol Honda Team.   He has been with Dani Pedrosa in step 250.   in 2004 and 2005.
    From 1987 to 1990 he was running 125cc Grand Prix.

    Mechanical:  Jordi Prades, Mark Barnett, Masashi Ogo, Christophe Leonce, Johnny Eyre.   All of them are responsible for commissioning and review of the bikes that will compete.

    Telemetry Analyst:  Jose Manuel Allende.   Spanish.

    HRC Race Engineer:  Toshihiko Sawada.   Japanese.   The engineer of 47 years has spent more than half his life working at Honda, not in vain, he joined the Japanese factory in 1978.   Five years later went to work for HRC, motocross in his apartment, where he worked from 1983 to 1996.  In 2004 he joined the team of Dani Pedrosa and Hiroshi Aoyama on 250cc.   In 2007 he joined the HRC as an engineer for Dani.

    Technical suspensions:  Manuel Olivenza.   Spanish.


    Jordi Prades是爷爷,可股沟到真相

    2007年,Mark Barnett就已经50岁了according to http://motogp.dailymotos.com/conoce-quien-es-quien-equipo-repsol-honda-motogp/ (就原来这没人性的车队早年还出过这种东西!现在倒是摆到自己官网上啊!)





    Christophe Leonce!




    Christophe Leonce
    Age: 38 years
    Nationality: French
    Occupation: Mechanic
    It is his third year with the Repsol Honda Team, has been locking in the world of Grand Prix racing since 1987.   He has worked with Loris Capirossi, Alberto Puig, Luca Cadalora, Alex Barros and Max Biaggi.


    Johnny Eyre
    Age: 29 years
    Nationality: British
    Occupation: Mechanic / Tyres
    Began in the Grand Prix in 2001 with the Shell Advance team, working with  Leon Haslam . Pramac Honda has worked with Tetsuya Harada and Makoto Tamada.   He joined the Repsol Honda Team in 2005 to work with Max Biaggi.   Competes with a Honda RS250 in their spare time.



    ==================然后太后又来了==== ==============




    顺手再存档一篇 http://www.mototurismocoruna.net/foro/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2737


  • Hello everyone. You've finally discovered what I do. The next two years I'll be racing with Ducati.
    At least I will be at Ducati in 2011 and 2012
    It has been a difficult decision because these seven years with Yamaha have been unforgettable.
    We both won, we had some great races, but mostly I had fun.
    I want to thank all the people of Yamaha, but I wanted to change, to do something different, because at my age, the motivation is very important.
    My team and I changed the
    "unfortunate" M1  and put it on the top, we made it the fastest bike, the most envied of all. But our work has been completed.
    We need new incentives, the challenge of Ducati was from the outset, the more beautiful and more fun.
    It will be interesting to do what I did with Yamaha with Ducati.
    From next year there will be more fun. There will be many changes.
    But there're still 8 races left this year and I'll try to win races with the M1, and then we'll see.

  • MotoGP 2011 Silly Season - Part 1, The Factory Teams

    by David Emmett

    With the MotoGP season at its halfway point, and the silly season starting to shake itself out, it's time to take a look at the state of the market for 2011. With contracts either signed or on the verge of being signed, the picture of who will be riding where is becoming clear. For the most part, names have been at least pencilled in, those pencil strokes to be replaced by contractually obliging ink after Brno and Indianapolis, but there are still one or two question marks that remain open.

    In the first part of this silly season summary, we will address who goes where in the factory teams. The rider picture is just about settled, with the only real question mark what happens at Suzuki. But riders aren't the only factor here, as somebody has to pay the bills. So alongside the rider lineup for each team, we've addressed the issue of sponsorship, and who is likely to be footing the bill next year. Riders and sponsors in bold are confirmed (or as good as confirmed), while names in italics are either best guesses or based on firm rumors. Tomorrow, we will look at the state of the satellite teams.

    Factory Yamaha

    Sponsors: Petronas and Movistar/Telefonica
    Along with Valentino Rossi, Yamaha will lose the title sponsorship provided by Fiat. Malaysian Petroleum giant Petronas has promised to up its involvement with the project, but Jorge Lorenzo's imminent world championship is also persuading Telefonica to return to MotoGP. Backing Lorenzo would also provide a very sweet revenge for Telefonica on Dani Pedrosa, with the Spanish telecoms giant having pulled out of MotoGP when Pedrosa went to Repsol Honda.


    Jorge Lorenzo——Probably a two-year deal through 2012, with options for more.

    Jorge Lorenzo won the battle for supremacy inside the Fiat Yamaha garage this year, and only serious injury can prevent him from winning the 2010 title. Winning the championship does mean that Lorenzo's hand has been forced, or perhaps his options limited. Throughout the first half of the season, Lorenzo has emphasized that his options are open, as far as he is concerned, but the truth is rather more complex. Winning the battle inside Fiat Yamaha means that Rossi has left for Ducati, and one of Rossi's demands will surely be that they do not hire Lorenzo alongside him. 
    So that leaves just Honda and Yamaha as potential employers, but Honda look to already have two of MotoGP's Fantastic Four in Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner, and seem unlikely to be making a serious bid for Lorenzo's services. Jorge Lorenzo will almost certain be announced as one half of the Yamaha team's MotoGP lineup at Brno, and with the loss of Rossi, is he rider that Yamaha have staked their future on. He will probably sign a two-year contract at Brno, with options for a third year tacked on. Lorenzo's 2010 title is unlikely to be his last.

    Ben Spies——2011 - Spies is in the first year of a two-year deal with Yamaha Japan.

    With Rossi gone, Ben Spies is the pawn that Yamaha will move up to take his place. The Texan is in the first year of a two-year contract with Yamaha Japan, and has served his apprenticeship in the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team with great aplomb. Coming into MotoGP and dominating as he did in World Superbikes in 2009 was always going to be impossible, but with a podium finish on a satellite bike, as well as regular top 6 finishes, Spies has acquitted himself well, on a new bike with new tires and at circuits he hasn't seen, for the most part. 
    Spies will be taking his crew chief Tom Houseworth and his mechanic Greg Wood with him to Yamaha, which should help ease the transition once again. Spies could never have lived up to some of the hype which surrounded him, but so far, he is more than matching what might realistically have been expected of him


    Factory Honda

    Repsol. The Spanish petroleum giant has become increasingly reluctant to extend its involvement with HRC's MotoGP project, a step that Honda is trying to pre-empt by hiring Livio Suppo from Ducati. Repsol's current contract comes to an end at the end of 2010, but they are likely to extend it for one more year along with Dani Pedrosa.
    Honda had originally planned to field a three-man factory squad with Andrea Dovizioso, but Repsol would neither fund the expansion nor agree terms on liveries which would have allowed Red Bull to step in to back Dovizioso. And so Repsol will continue to be the title sponsor for Honda for 2011.

    Casey Stoner——2012 - Stoner has a two-year contract with Honda, for 2011 and 2012.

    Things have not been easy for Casey Stoner, though the question remains just how hard he has made it for himself. His return from the lactose intolerance he was diagnosed with last year was a triumphant one, taking a second and then two wins, before ignominiously crashing out on the warmup lap at Valencia, but his 2010 season got off to a difficult start. Problems with the front end of his 2010 Desmosedici GP10 saw the Australian crashing out of two of the first three races, until Stoner decided to switch back to the forks he used in 2009. Since then, his fortunes have improved but he has not shown the dominance he has in previous years, something that Stoner puts down to the Ducati being at the limit of its development. These issues are unlikely to have played a part in his decision to move to Honda, which was probably taken over the winter, under the encouragement of his friend and former Ducati team manager Livio Suppo, with the deal finally signed at Jerez back in May. Stoner heads to Honda hoping to find a bike that is more consistent than his fickle Ducati, and knowing that the mighty Honda are finally starting to sort out their RC212V 800cc MotoGP bike. Stoner is probably still the fastest man in MotoGP, and back on the fastest bike again next year, he could be a very serious threat once again.

    Dani Pedrosa——2011 - Pedrosa will probably only renew for one more year, to test the balance of power once Casey Stoner arrives. Pedrosa could also be gambling on Yamaha being willing to ditch Spies to sign him when Spies' contract expires after 2011, and will want to be free for 2012.

    The love affair between Dani Pedrosa and Honda, which has lasted since Pedrosa entered the series on a 125 in 2002, appears to be cooling from both sides. After Honda built the tiny 2007 RC212V around Pedrosa's short stature, creating a bike that Pedrosa hated along with every other Honda rider, the relationship has been more and more strained with every season that passes. From Honda's side, they had enlisted the Spaniard to bring them a title, something that is almost impossible for a rider with only two wins a season to achieve. From Pedrosa's side, HRC has refused to fix the one big complaint the Spaniard has had about the bike, the harsh and aggressive engine response.
    Last year, Pedrosa and HRC extended their marriage of convenience for one more year, to give each other another chance. Both sides have improved significantly, Honda handling the rules limiting engines to just six a season with supreme aplomb, creating clearly the fastest bike, while Pedrosa has already bagged his quota of two wins this year after just 9 races, and has looked like posing a serious problem for Lorenzo, though not enough of one to prevent his compatriot from lifting his first championship. The mutual improvement will probably see both sides sign up for another year, to give the relationship yet another chance. But with the rules changing again in 2012, and the return to 1000cc machines, Honda is probably the best place to be for an aspiring rider. After the debacle of 2007, expect Honda to come out swinging in 2012, and Pedrosa is likely to be their chief threat.



    Factory Ducati

    Marlboro. Though Marlboro will continue to act as title sponsor - and the only sponsor to actually contribute sufficient funds to cover development costs as well as rider salaries - Ducati has a host of companies lining up to join the Italian Dream Team of Rossi and Ducati. First and foremost is Fiat, who will defect from Yamaha with Rossi, but anyone can see the marketing magic that is the two Italian legends, and combined, their selling power could bring in much-needed outside sponsorship, potentially including some surprising names.

    Valentino Rossi——2012 - The exact details are unknown, but Rossi will have signed on for at least two years, with options for more. Rossi will stay in the class for the 2012 switch back to 1000cc, and will be hoping to add a title with that configuration to the 500cc, 990cc and 800cc titles he already holds.

    On Sunday night at Brno, after the post-race press conference, the dreams of a nation will finally come true. Valentino Rossi will at last announce that he has signed a two-year contract with Ducati Corse, to ride their Desmosedici MotoGP bike. The context of the announcement will set its tone. If Rossi has won, and beaten his irritatingly fast teammate, expect the tone to be magnanimous, full of thanks and praise for Yamaha. If Lorenzo beats Rossi once again - as he was doing consistently before Rossi crashed and broke his leg at Mugello - the focus will be on the fact that having two number one riders in a team is not a sustainable position.
    There are lots of reasons why Rossi is going to Ducati, too many to cover here. Most of all, though, it is to escape Jorge Lorenzo, and have a chance to fight his current teammate with a different weapon. The move will further secure Rossi's place in the MotoGP history books, but if the Italian secures another title on his third different manufacturer, he will pass beyond the role of legend and into the realm of myth, and perhaps even deity. If he loses, then of course the machinery must be to blame, and expecting a plucky little Italian factory to compete with the Japanese giants is asking too much of their limited resources. Rossi will be praised for his bravery, the title of his autobiography cited again and again, ad nauseam. Tact and a fear of the fan backlash will prevent most people from providing the appropriate answer to the question "What if I had never tried it?" Namely, that with both Rossi and Lorenzo on equal machinery, the question of who was the better rider would have been settled beyond all doubt. 
    But power struggles within Yamaha and the financial pressure - from Dorna, from Ducati, from Italy - of the legendary Italian aboard the Italian legend meant that Rossi's arrival at Ducati was almost inevitable. If Rossi's following has been fanatical so far, it is about to become completely hysterical. And companies will be standing in line to both pay for and profit from that hysteria.


    Nicky Hayden——2011 - Hayden will be offered another one-year deal, which probably won't be the last.

    If Jorge Lorenzo was Valentino Rossi's worst nightmare as a teammate, Nicky Hayden is the polar opposite. Hard-working, loyal, fast enough to develop a motorcycle, but not quite fast enough to pose a serious title threat; Hayden is everything that Rossi could hope for in a teammate. Furthermore, Hayden is immensely popular around the world (and rightly so), and helps sell an awful lot of Ducatis: the special edition 848 that Ducati North America put on the market last year sold out within a couple of weeks. The Kentucky Kid has all the ingredients to make a perfect teammate for Rossi, and will be offered another year's contract by Ducati, the announcement probably to be made at Indianapolis, for maximum effect in the US market.
    As for Hayden himself, the American has seen a dramatic turnaround in his fortunes from last year, when he looked like suffering the same fate as Marco Melandri. But with a year of data under his belt and a greatly-improved working relationship with the team, Hayden has taken a big step forwards. The Kentucky Kid has yet to score a podium finish, but with four fourth places in the first five races, that surely won't last. Another title for Hayden is a little too much to ask, given the strength of the current MotoGP field, but he could still add to his win total before he retires. He still has plenty of time to achieve that goal.